Tantric Sex: The Sacred Art of Sexuality

“At the heart of sex is something intrinsically spiritual, the desire for a union so primal it can be called divine”---Sam Keen

Do you have the desire to create moments of sexual bliss that can be used as a source of power to transform your life in every area? Do you wish to revive the passion in your relationship where sex has become ordinary or routine? If your answers are “yes” to the above, the ancient Art of Tantric Sex could be the magical solution that can open the door to sexual exhilaration, emotional clarity, and spiritual transformation. As a psychotherapist for over 20 years, I can verify that a primary issue between otherwise loving partners, is the desire for a deeper sexual and emotional connection. Practiced in India since the 4th century, Tantra is an intriguing eastern alternative for opening the heart and sexuality simultaneously. How can Tantric Sex help you? Tantric sex allows partners to truly make love through opening the heart in total surrender. Great mystics know that to have sacred sex, one has to open the flow of emotion, and allow energy to be circulated into the whole body. The result is an orgasm that can last for hours. A few main goals of Tantra are to: Maintain high levels of arousal to extend orgasmic ecstasy. Expand orgasms from the genitals to the entire body. View sexuality as a gateway to the divine. This is done within a context that is playful and nurturing, combined with preparation, breath control, and touching, each with specific rituals. Rituals of Tantric Sex Although a myriad of variations exist, here are some great basic steps: Create a sacred space with candles and flowers Feed each other provocatively with aphrodisiacs such as dates, honey, and cheese, and drink a potion of cinnamon or nutmeg and Siberian ginseng in tea or liqueur to enhance stimulation Touch hands, while facing each other to exchange energy Place one hand on your heart and the other on your partners’ to synchronize breathing Share an erotic story or fantasy Undress slowly, and bathe or massage each other in oils such as rose, jasmine, lavender, or Frankincense Focus on breath during intercourse, allowing arousal to build slowly. When close to orgasm, stop, Re-direct energy into the entire body, let go, breathe, and pleasure each other with hands and tongue between surges completely and allow the entire body to feel an orgasm. Holistic Benefits of Tantric Sex Tantric Sex facilitates a release of negative energy blockages to growth, can promote physical health, and allow partners to reach their highest selves. Allowing an elevation of sexual energy through postponement of orgasms, enables a movement of high levels of energy to be circulated into the whole body, removing any blockages from the heart and genitals. The result is an orgasm that can last for hours and is so complete, that both partners meld into each other, reach their highest selves, and feel a sense of wholeness with the universe. For further exploration refer to “The Art of Sexual Ecstasy” by Margo Anand, or “Divine Sex” by Caroline Aldred  

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