About Laura

Laura Schultz is a freelance writer in Los Angeles, CA. As a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years she has assisted individuals and families in crisis in both private practice and in the nonprofit arena. She has coached corporate managers as well as nonprofit community volunteers, assisted in fundraising events, developed mentor programs and served as the Director of a Postsecondary vocational program that trained people with disabilities in the field of computer programming and placed graduates into major companies such as IBM, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM, etc.

Ms. Schultz has been a contributing writer to several national magazines including Salon City and various online magazines such as WE for women, Connections for Women, Next2eden.com Self-Growth.com, etc. addressing such topics as relationships and sexuality, art and culture, health and wellness, the environment and spirituality. She was considered the relationship expert at Runway Magazine.
Some of the titles of her published articles include “Finding the Light: Overcoming Depression”, “Attaining Joy: The Hidden Secrets”, Eating for Life: Overcoming Eating Disorders”, “The Benefits of Vegan Living”,” “Embracing the Green Spirit”, “Self-Confidence: The Secret to Sex Appeal at Any Age” etc.  She developed and wrote an advice columns entitled “Ask Therapist Laura”. In addition, Ms. Schultz wrote a monthly column entitled “Media Trends” that addressed the erotic evolution in film and television with such titles as  “Love at First Bite: Vampires and Erotica”, “Dancing with Werewolves: The Erotic Beast Within” and “Undressing the Erotic Thriller”.

Her poetry has been published on such venues as Abandoned Towers Magazine, Writer’s News Weekly, War Poetry and Forth Magazine. Her personal essay entitled “A Poet’s Journey” was recently published in The Coal House Review, a division of Autumn House Books. She completed her first poetry manuscript in 2010 and the poetry book was published in 2011. In July, 2011 she became the only U.S. poet to be chosen to contribute several of her poems to an international anthology entitled “Sudden Thunder”.
She currently writes book reviews for the New York Journal of Books on upcoming releases in the areas of true crime, self-help/psychology, fiction and poetry. She has a keen interest in true crime. Her essay entitled “The Psyche of Serial Killers” is published at www.crimemagazine.com. and her treatise entitled “Strychnine and Stilettos; Anatomy of Female Serial Killers and Their Victims was recently published in Crimespree Magazine.

In August 2010, she created (along with Italia Gandolfo-Trent, her partner and Co-Director) an online writer’s group that includes writers and authors of all genres, publishers, book reviewers, etc. that builds an exciting bridge between the publishing and Hollywood communities. Ms. Schultz and Ms. Trent invited and welcomed over 500 members within a week and grew to over 650 members. She is also a member in good standing of IWWG—the International Women Writer’s Guild.

She is currently writing her memoir. It is about growing up on a family farm near the Mexico border and tackling issues of the disparities between rich and poor and the importance of agriculture from the field to the kitchen table.

For writing opportunities or to make personal contact, you may reach her through the Contact Page on this site. You may also follow her on Facebook.