Benefits of Vegan Living

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet"-------Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is but one notable figure that recognized the benefits of leading a vegetarian lifestyle. Although we probably all know someone who will fight literally “to the death” for their right to pursue their lust for meat, most of us agree that we would like to live life to its’ fullest with enough energy to be active for as long as possible. We might also agree that In order to lead an active life one must feel good. In recent decades medical and nutritional evidence has proven that our choice of foods is a major factor in accomplishing these goals. Simply put, a vegan lifestyle means there is no involvement with animal products and their corollaries such as eggs, dairy, honey, leather, fur, etc. A growing body of evidence confirms the health benefits of vegan living including a lower incidence of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, allergies and even cancer. Several studies have found that people who live a vegan way of life may live as much as 6 years longer than those who do not. The American Academy of Family Physicians, , reports that large amounts of animal protein and fats are responsible for the high incidence of both kidney stones and gallstones in the U.S. It has also been recognized that eating animals that have been given antibiotics (ironically the same ones that are used to treat human infections) has led to a rise in the growth of treatment resistant bacteria. These same animals are routinely given hormones to increase their size. As these hormones are absorbed into our bodies after meat consumption, our entire hormonal balance can be disrupted. Furthermore, new evidence suggests that some of these hormones can lead to an increased risk of tumors if consumed in large doses Vegan living involves more than a healthy lifestyle and has other important benefits. For example, the cultivation of plants and the resources used to harvest them are much fewer and less damaging to the environment than raising animals. Thus, vegan living is much more in line with nature and the preservation of the planet. In addition, many vegans believe the respect for animals and their rights is more humane and caring. Further, those who practice vegan living perceive this choice as an enlightened view of the world that involves a healthy respect for all living creatures and the best way to live in full harmony with nature. If you are now considering or have ever toyed with the idea of living a vegan lifestyle, perhaps these benefits will plant a deeper seed in your consciousness. Whether your desire is to increase your energy, prevent disease, or live a lifestyle that respects all living creatures the benefits of vegan living are innumerable.  

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