Life Coaching - How it Works

As previously mentioned, Life Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. If a client is in a lot of emotional discomfort or pain and needing to resolve past wounds or issues from childhood, psychotherapy is a more productive option. Life Coaching clients have primarily dealt with and/or accepted their pasts and are more interested in planning for specific results to enhance their future. A Life Coach is a trained listener and observer though, who can objectively help a client focus on new options that a client may not have considered, and the coach facilitates the steps along this new path.

My perspective on Life Coaching revolves around a philosophy that it is a collaborative effort between the Coach and client that involves a synchronicity and power that happens when two people build a new path together through a conscious and consensual agreement for change. Beginning a coaching relationship is an exciting and powerful adventure that at its’ core allows the coach to help you create the life of your dreams when you agree to participate fully in this creative endeavor.

Based on years of research from a myriad of disciplines that have studied the power of the subconscious mind, my own experience in working with a multitude of clients and my own belief system that has evolved as a result, the techniques used in Life Coaching can enable you to segue your unique strengths and talents into a manifestation of them. With powerful new tools that provide strategic solutions you can create a new sense of self-confidence to start building the foundation of the life you have envisioned.
During these collaborative coaching sessions, we will develop immediate action steps that:

  • Define and establish both short-term and long-term goals
  • Explore beliefs about your potential and expand those beliefs
  • Establish priorities and develop effective strategies that facilitate monumental life changes
  • Reframe your current life circumstances and develop manageable steps that align with your core values to improve these circumstances
  • Identify and overcome old beliefs and obstacles that block the pathway for a more fulfilling life
  • Develop tools to both attract and sustain success in relationships and career
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and behavior

Each person’s needs and interests are different, thus my coaching is personally tailored to fit your unique circumstances. I will help you clarify your goals based on your core value system. We often discover together that though a client thought they knew what they wanted initially, upon closer examination we find a new idea of what that success looks like for them and related goals come to the surface. I work closely with you on how to achieve your goals based on universal principles of thought and correlated actions. We create an action plan to achieve both an external change in circumstance and an inner satisfaction that comes with increased self-confidence and a new core belief that positive change is an anticipated outcome. I become your objective, nonjudgmental partner to help you clarify your mission, overcome obstacles, focus on solutions and give you the concentrated 1-1 attention you might need to discover a new path for your life. I work diligently to keep you on track and accountable for your action plan for success and the related steps to reach your goals.