My Lover's Smile

More radiant than glimmering stars on a clear August eve,
beyond the purity and golden loveliness  
of the glistening flowers amongst the weeds
an unspoiled thread of nature,
the chaff and the wheat in perfect harmony
blending into a natural fortification of love,
beautifying my life,
soothing my restless brow
my lover’s smile.

An expression of unencumbered mirth,
Impishly framing the nights
As they pass with quickening haste
lips slightly parted,
with veiled promises of unbridled passion,
melting into an oblivion of ecstasy,
my lover’s smile.

Amid the lackluster lovers of old
who never question nor doubt
a simple sonnet never touched
empty eyes of despair,
revealing disappointment.
no depth of caring remaining in most
but not in my lover’s eyes

Deep within my lover’s smile
lies the vast ocean
of emotional completeness
my harbor of peace
the place of comfort and warmth
my lover’s heart.

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