A New Voice

Reaching for a voice
In the stillness,
An antidote for isolation.
Lingering as an inveterate plague
Upon the human psyche
The quandary of contiguity,
Loosening the hallucinatory grasp of forever-ness.
A contagious uproar that elucidates
The power of love to transform the ordinary,
Those moments of glorious galvanization
Sparking creation of a wondrous, new chord
In the still small voice that struggles to appear.
What becomes of a stranger who has become
The adored familiar icing on the voyage,
That slowly dissipates
As he takes his leave.
The quandary remains unsolved.
Heartbreak co-existing with
An opportunity,
As the silvery clouds hover closer
Hoping to hear an answer
Amidst the havoc
Of the voices that have now blended,
No longer decipherable
Alongside the now
Hollow victory
Of a voice that now bellows successfully,
Coupled with the ravages of
Hysterical despair.
A lone sarcophagus
Bathed in the unfathomable.

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