In This Moment

In this moment
your mind lays next to my heart
and your melodic voice whispers from the vestibule
in the dampness and the cobwebs of the darkness
amidst the rays of the dawn.

In this moment, as you rest your weary soul
near the warmth of my touch,
and I cradle you ever closer to becoming,
we are joined inextricably
to our fates unknown,
inexplicable yet wondrous.

In this moment
Our inner lights shine anew
for all who may witness
and pay homage
to the power of love to heal
broken wounds
and billowy tears.

In this moment,
may you rest within my smile,
lay your sacrificial scepter
in my arms,
And rest
My weary one,
rest your heavy heart
on my bosom
And live with me
In this moment.

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