Intoxicating Tranquility

Acquiesce to the invisible revealing itself
in objects and symbols
that expresses the powerful
and conjures the intoxicating tranquility
the clarity
of the inner knower
within the intuitive mind
that plants us at the right place in its proper time.
Allowing the empowerment of vision to unfold
without a strategy
burying the maps of yesterday
staying in the heart
catching glimpses of a whisper
that are deeply receptive
to resurrection.
An opportunity has given birth to itself
to fall in love with the spirit we are here to express.
The vision explodes and reveals itself
for us to listen as if our lives depend on the journey.
A blank canvas removes the obstacles of the past
only to create the new at the base of the horizon
releasing the bondage of the cage and all its inherent limitations
and above all else to vibrate at the highest frequency of emotion.

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