In the Twilight of Two Worlds

In the twilight of two worlds
Lies the critical mass of predilection
One passage carries a lineage of the Gods,
An ethereal power
An evolution of the sacrosanct
That reminds us of our forgotten joys
Aligned with the earth,
To a time when we honored the land.
In the gentle whisper of an angel,
A sagacious, stellar spirit
Creates a rainbow in the sand,
Disincarnate from the collective,
In the fire of the sun.
The artistry of a tale woven in
Transformational magic
Belies the obscure hallucination
Of  the alternate passage
A fictional culture
That maligns the creative mind
In the warped props of the material,
A consciousness of consumerism
That sparks our uncivilized grief
And fear.
As a people have we fallen quietly,
Besmirching the light?
Who among us inquires about
The remains of our bones
Left in the soil of cynicism
And the doubt of darkness
In the void?
Must our sacred balance be banished
As the buffalo from our truest core
Of compatibility?
Can we soften the invasion
Of the seeds of profound discontent
That have wreaked havoc on our psyches
On a planetary proportion?
Rise above,
What is carved
In the auras of stone.
Migrate from the turbulence
To a sacred balance
A rhapsody of hope
A torrential chain of tears
Which will we choose?
Is there a choice?

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