Amidst the stars
the luminescence of the gift
of night, arrayed
with ribbons of golden moon rays,
springs forth in all directions,
yet she stands alone.
A commanding presence,
her radiance and grace
awaits the call to come forth
to speak,
enticed by the rhythm of the sea,
beckoned by the courage
of the tides.
She lies
Within her shell
long sequestered
until an irritant of sand creates
the iridescence of a pearl
secrets yet to unfold.
Arise from the turbulence
and listen to the source
of sea echoes
that voice in the stillness
sparking creation
a wondrous new chord
the power of love
to transform the ordinary.
Arise from the mundane
to the adventure
within the field of vision
that has created a rapidly rising river
of dreams
an undulating tributary of honor
a unique style,
with its commensurate complexity
that mandates the voice to emerge
unyielding in its power
Arise. Arise.

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