and excruciating
inescapable partners
in a dance that arouses
the voices of opposites
the inveterate plague of the
human condition
on a winding road
to insanity
as they remind me
of all that is yet unfinished
all the feelings left unexplored
from joy to terror
and everything in between

Amidst these haunting polarities
the bookmarks that remain
implanted from my youth
the thoughts that grow exponentially
in the darkness
and bring me to my knees
the awareness of these remnants
is sparked
and the spirit is aroused
the desire to belong
a place of knowing
that I am valued
in the misty dawn
of confusion

It is in these very long moments
that I long for stillness
that whispers gently
along the cusp
of renewal
and growth
the voice that
reminds me of
an almost foreign concept
that there is a connection
to something more aware
than I can anticipate
an aliveness that
lifts me above the morass
that allows for solitude
and connection
and an inner peace that is
the ultimate renewal 

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